Good Friends & Hidden Gems

I was back in Missoula to pick up the pupperino, and to spend more time with my parents. Last weekend we took a short road trip to Spokane, WA. It was a trip I’ve taken many times. Growing up in a small town like Missoula driving to Spokane was the only way to go shopping at places like the GAP – which was a super big deal in the early 90’s. The drive brought back so many good memories of road trips with friends to the BIG CITY! Missoula has grown much larger since then, and there is lots to do right here without having to make the drive.

We made the drive  to go see an art exhibit, which was being held in a winery. The artist an old friend of the family, and the wine was unexpectedly delicious! It was wonderful to catch up with so many great friends. On the way home we stopped in the historic town of Wallace, ID and had lunch at a wonderful little find! There was a tiny little cafe called the Blackboard Cafe that had the most amazing food! Not a place you would expect to find in small town Idaho. These small finds made the drive more of an adventure, and less of repetitive journey.

My point being, while big trips are fun and exciting there are interesting and unique finds to be discovered in your own backyard. Trip Advisor is a really great way to look for hidden gems, if you are not familiar with the area. Taking the time to walk around and explore on your own works too!

The winery in Liberty Lake, WA. Was Liberty Lake Wine Cellars I really wish I had thought to buy a few bottles for Thanksgiving.

Next stop Seattle and Bainbridge Island!


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