Wish Us Luck! Please.

Here we go! Again.

We went to a briefing last night. It was very nice they had tea, an agenda, a check list, and we met our guide Saul. I already like this tour company much more than the last one.

Saul walked us through each day. What temperatures to expect, which days would be the hardest, etc. He also promised me that we would drive to the trailhead in a small van. He has done this trek more times than he can count, and couldn’t recommend bug spray enough. We also learn that he hates mosquitoes and enjoys chocolate. Saul and I are going to be good buddies by the end of the seven days.

I’m not sure what type of internet access we will have on the trail, so we will see you on the other side!

Until then here are some photos of the dogs of Cusco. They all seem to be strays, but they are not skinny, and they get lots of petting and attention. While they are strays they seem to have some people. I saw a dog run up to a sidewalk vendor wagging his tail. The vendor sat down and they shared a snack.

2 thoughts on “Wish Us Luck! Please.

  1. Hello Jill and Matt. Matt your dad and stepmom walked by and mentioned you were hiking at Machu Picchu. Wow a real lift list thing to do, I’m glad you haven’t lost your sense of adventure from those Boy Scout days. The pictures are stunning, I think that trek can get to 17,000 ft. I’ve yet to read the story but I’m looking forward to it and seeing more pictures.
    Be carful out there.

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    • Hi Ray,
      Great to hear from you. Thanks for following along. We did go over the Incachiriaska pass that is at 17,060 ft. It was challenging, but we conquered.
      I’m planning to climb Kilimanjaro in late January, so keep an eye on this page.
      All of my best,


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