Arequipa, Peru

We are deeply in love with Arequipa. It is quaint and pretty, the weather is perfection, and the people are kind. We feel safe here and the language has not been a barrier. Most people speak a little English and we speak a little Spanish, and everyone is more than willing to try to communicate. This is our last day here, and while we are excited to see Cusco and get to the Inca Trail, we will be sad to leave Arequipa.

The sunsets here are always phenomenal, so much so, there are many roof top cafes and bars dedicated to watching the sun set and viewing the three surrounding volcanoes. Our first day here was basic sight seeing and getting our bearings.

Yesterday was magical in its own way. Ladies I have to say – Get you a man or woman, who is so dedicated to your hobby that he/she, not only researches yarn and fiber shops in the town that you will be visiting, but finds a factory store, AND then runs to three different ATMs to get enough cash to pay for your haul!

Feast your eyes on the Factory store of Alpaca Mundo. They also had a small museum and a few alpacas that we got to feed!

I spent $85 in USD and in return received about $350 worth of yarn. It was possibly the best day of my life!

We also visited the Monesterio de Santa Catalina and it was beyond beautiful. I would highly recommend paying for the guided tour. We learned so much. When the monastery was founded the tradition was for the second daughter of the family to become a nun and join the convent / monastery. This sounds horrific upon first hearing about it, but throughout the tour we quickly realized that the second daughter was the lucky one. Only wealthy families were able to send their daughters to the monastery, so the nuns had private apartments with maids, cooks, and other household helpers. Their homes and gardens were and still are beautiful.

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