Lima, Peru – Day One

For such a large city (almost 10 million people) we have very much enjoyed our day here. We have had amazing food, a beautiful walk along the sand bluffs, and saw some beautiful parasails.

We started with breakfast at our hotel, then walked to the beautifully manicured John F. Kennedy cat park, where the city cats live. Locals feed them and there was even a small cupboard with food dishes and a donation box.

We kept walking, found some tourist markets with stall upon stall of gift merchandise. We were still quite tired from the long travel day yesterday, so we stopped at the lovely open air cafe for tea.

Then we walked to the sand cliffs and spent a few hours there walking and watching the parasails. They looked so peaceful floating on the air. There was also lots of art along the trail, statues and mosaic murals. We also discovered a chocolate museum where we sampled chocolate tea which was delicious!

After all the walking we headed back to the hotel for an afternoon nap and barely made it back out for dinner, but I’m so glad we did! My meal had ginger air on it which is a flavored light foam and it’s so fun to eat! It was also the best fancy food I’ve maybe ever had!

It’s time for a good night sleep because we have a morning flight to Arequipa where we will spend three days getting used to altitude and exploring!

Matt and Jill

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