On our way!!!!!!

We are at the airport getting ready to board our flight! We will fly to Atlanta (Hi Bob and Greg) then to Lima.

I barely slept last night I was so incredibly excited! Although coming face to face with an 11 hour travel day has sobered me significantly. It’s a good thing I packed snacks and knitting, but don’t worry! I left enough room in my bag to bring back the equivalent of an entire alpaca in yarn form.

What’s in the bags you ask? Everything!

Our packing list for the hiking part of the trip is below. Packing for the rest of the trip was fairly basic. Nothing fancy.

We will post updates whenever possible!

Matt and Jill

*Trekking Packing list

Day pack

Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad

Hiking boots

Water reservoir

Spare water bottle

Trekking poles

7- hiking socks

7-hiking shirts

3-travel quick wash underwear

3-hiking pants

Hiking shorts

Wool hat


Sun hat

Rain coat


Rain pants

Wooo zip jacket

2-Long underwear shirt

2 -long underwear





2-rolls of toilet paper



Tumms / pepto



Wet wipes

Dry shampoo powder

Hand sanitizer keychains

*Trail food stuff

7 -Protein bars

Nuun tabs

Salt cap pills

7-Human gel

6 thoughts on “On our way!!!!!!

  1. Hey from Atlanta! I hope you had a easy connection at ATL. I hope y’all have an amazing trip and I look forward to following your adventures on this blog. 🙂

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