We’re Going to PERU!!!

I have wanted to go to Peru, specifically Machu Picchu, every since I first learned about it in art history class. I don’t remember what exactly drew me to it so immediately as it was 18 years ago, but best guess is the blood sacrifice – fascinating! Also the magnificence of an entire city, so far up in the mountains, it seemed, and still seems totally unreal. As far as daydreams go, getting to Machu Picchu seemed just that, a far off daydream. South America felt too intimidating and too expensive for college age me, and I never reevaluated that intimidation, so I let it hang out for the next eighteen years.  Then I met Ella! A world traveling, roller derby skating, bad ass who was fluent in East L.A. Spanish. She had been to Nepal, Vietnam, and Machu Picchu -several times! She was my golden ticket. I would go with her (she didn’t know this yet, by the way). I would slowly befriend her. First I got in good with her dogs, real good! The poodle still pines for me. Then I got closer and closer to her, until finally I could smell Machu Picchu!  It was about this time she snapped her ankle during a derby practice and after six years skating claimed her knees were too bad to make the climb again. I was devastated! All those years of friendship – wasted!  I joke. Ella is one of my closest friends and will always be. Machu Picchu or not, she won’t shake me anytime soon!

Enter my husband, my dear dear delightful husband. Winner of the “Best Husband of the Year” award three years and counting. He cooks, he cleans toilets, and he is a budgeting genius! I still don’t know why, and at this point I don’t care enough to ask, but one day he said, “Let’s go to Peru and hike to Machu Picchu,” I said, “YAAAAASSSSSSS!”

Side note: When he said hike to Machu Picchu – he didn’t mean take the train to the top of the mountains and hike the few hundred yards to the city. He meant start at the bottom of the Andes Mountains and spend the next SEVEN days hiking though Peru where eventually we will come over a crest and on the last day walk down the mountain ending our journey in Machu Picchu.  So, um yeah we are going to Peru!

Stay tuned for my next post titled “Panic Training -What Prepping for a 51 mile, 7 day Trek Looks Like, when Popcorn is a Food Group, and Walking to the Bus Stop Counts as Exercise!”

One thought on “We’re Going to PERU!!!

  1. I love this, Jill! It is written just as you speak, so it was a joy to read 🙂 This is the beginning of an amazing adventure. I can’t wait to follow you both on your adventure.

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